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Display Cabinets Perth

Display Cabinets Perth allow you to showcase your prize belongings in a safe environment where they are completely protected. You might want a secure place to house your best china, well-earned trophies or treasures and artefacts collected from international travels. Whatever your requirements, our display cabinet Perth designers can create something spectacular that is tailor made to suit your needs.

We offer an extensive range of display cabinets. Perth based Master Class Cabinets have been producing beautiful display cabinets for many years and we also cater for the commercial sector. You might be seeking a new design that perfectly showcases your products and we can work closely alongside clients throughout the design stage to ensure the end creation is unique and the perfect vehicle in which your goods can be exhibited.

display cabinets perth
display cabinets perth

Short and Sharp

Our display cabinet makers like to adhere to a firm project schedule as we believe our customers deserve to know what is happening when. We aim for the “short and sharp” approach, where cabinetry production and installation flows smoothly on once the design process has been finalised. As with all our designs, we offer a 3D render to ensure our client know exactly what the finished display cabinets will look like. At Master Class cabinets we love this part of the process as it allows us to make any changes the client requests prior to the cabinetry work itself and as a result the customer experience is greatly enhanced.

We can utilise a great variety of materials to make your display cabinets, including a range of woods, metals, glass and manmade materials. A display cabinet that is well made can act as a great medium in which to add value to items. Given the right lighting and perfect housing within the cabinet itself, a classic piece of jewellery or carefully designed piece of pottery is likely to sell for considerably more than those not displayed to their best advantage.

“At Master Class Cabinets we are dedicated to showcasing people’s treasured goods and thanks to our exceptional design team we can create display cabinets that are unique, stylish and which greatly enhance the goods displayed within them.”

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