Don’t Buy Flatpacks – Our Custom Built Cabinets are the Best Option

Don’t Buy Flat Packs

The temptation to save money and buy flat pack cabinets may be great but before you do we have some sound advice based on our fifty plus years of combined experience in cabinetry and would strongly advise against it. Flat pack kitchens are a popular choice but not necessarily the best one.

The first major issue is because they are not custom made they will not fit space perfectly. Whether it’s a kitchen, laundry or bathroom, the dimensions vary greatly and a flat pack solution will probably end up creating more problems than it solves. The beauty of our custom made cabinets is they are designed to maximise every nook and cranny so each area is utilised to its best advantage.

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The Cons of Flat Pack Kitchens

Quite simply, flat pack kitchens, Perth and beyond are very limiting and they will restrict you in respect of colour and materials. You may save a considerable amount of money but realistically most people only invest in a new kitchen, bathroom or laundry once or twice in their lifetime and so it has to be right. The end result is something you will have to live with for many years to come, so why compromise on your dream and then live daily with the disappointment that it is not quite right.

Master Class Cabinets will always liaise closely with each new client to discuss their budget and we will produce our designs accordingly. We can actually compete extremely well price wise with flat pack kitchens as we have access to an extensive range of affordable materials we can use to create the perfect cabinets for your home.

Another issue is if you damage the flat pack kitchens or any flat pack cabinets there is an added problem. Here at Master Class Cabinets, we provide warranties on all our workmanship so if something goes wrong during the installation phase we have you covered; with a flat pack you may have to live with the damaged product or repurchase.

Another issue with flat pack cabinets is they may look stunning in the photographs but in reality the assembly and fitting of them can be an incredibly tricky and frustrating process. When you choose to have your cabinets designed and made by us, you will have a flawless finished product that will continue to impress for decades – plus, we take all the hard work out of the process and install them for you.

“Master Class Cabinets can source flat packs kitchens and any flat pack cabinets for any room, but we will always encourage our customers to choose our cabinetry work over pre-made products. That way we can provide a guarantee of high quality workmanship that provides the greatest possible level of client satisfaction, which is our main priority every working day.”

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