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How We Work

Master Class Cabinets / How We Work

What’s Next Schedule

Project time Frame

Kitchen Renovations take 6 to 8 weeks from initial contact to project completion. Designing your kitchen and colour selection generally takes 3 weeks. Once a contract has been signed your kitchen cabinets will be installed within 5 weeks.

From our experience kitchen renovations take about 3 meetings with the client and kitchen designer to get the right design & spec for you. If we try to push it all in to 1 meeting, I feel it is rushed and you the client will feel like your head is spinning and we the kitchen designer risk not delivering your dream kitchen. Below is Master Class Cabinets schedule from start to finish.

Initial Contact

Client contacts Master Class Cabinets (call) for a quotation. Ask to speak to Rodney and he will schedule a time for the initial meeting.

1st Site inspection and Quotation

Rodney will visit site and he will get an understanding of what is required to complete the project. We will be mainly discussing Cabinetry & Bench Top Layout, Appliances, Wall removal if required & any queries that you might have. We will also touch base on Material & Colour Selections & Other Trades i.e. plumbers & electricians, these items are covered more in depth at the meeting at Master Class Cabinets.

Something to keep in mind here is that the quote is just and estimate and can be varied either higher or lower, we will go into more depth at design stage at our workshop. The quote you receive is a little vague but once again after the next meeting @ Master Class Cabinets workshop you will be able to visual your dream kitchen.

Sending Quotation

You will receive a quotation via email (unless otherwise requested) within 2 days of 1st site meeting.  At this point you will be able to see where you stand cost wise. The next step is for you to let us know that you would like to see the 3D drawings of your cabinetry, please keep in mind this is still obligation free. We will also follow up the quote after 3 to 5 days of sending.

Meeting at Master Class Cabinets

In this meeting we can show you exactly what your cabinetry design is going to look like. Our drafting software Cabinet Vision will show you detailed drawings of your kitchen in 3D, Birds Eye View & Front Elevation. You can make changes in our office very easily, let’s say you want to make your Thermo Mix fit in a specific position. We can do this with measuring tools in Cabinet Vision.

Once the design is 95% finished, we will move onto colours, materials & handles selections, we have all the samples at our workshop. Splash backs are the last part of planning and you can relax about this until after your tops are installed. You don’t need to make your decision on the spot, we normally give you a week to sit on it until we do the final measure on site. Adjusting pricing on premium materials is easier at our factory with our quoting software. We can tell you on the spot how much any changes are that you have made.

Now we will touch base on sub trades. If you have your own tradies, great.  You are free to use whoever you please. If you want we can provide a quote to run your project like a 1 stop shop. We can have all trades meet on site at final measure for a meet and greet.

The last part of the meeting is generally a little factory tour to show you where the magic happens, this way you can see how we cut out, construct and lacquer your cabinetry.

Stone Mason Meeting

Only if you require, you can visit our stone mason in Jandakot, our stone mason has all the full stone slabs on display.

Accepting the quotation

Emailing us that you would like to proceed is the easiest way to notify us if you would like to proceed.


We may send a deposit invoice of 6.5% to commence the project.

Final Measure Meeting

This is where we do a final check measure and tick all the boxes for design, colour & material. If we are scheduling all the trades, we will give you a run down on how the process will run and we will also send you a schedule via email with when the trades required are going to arrive during the project. So now we have covered all necessary aspects of your kitchen renovation and you should be feeling confident in knowing what you are getting.

masterclass cabinets work process | Master Class Cabinets

Click infographic to enlarge

Construction and Installation

Depending on your project, this will determine your schedule. The below schedule will cover a full renovation as in a 1 stop shop. 2 to 3 days after the final measure you will receive an email with your project schedule. We generally take 3  weeks to construct your cabinetry.

Please note Rodney will be visiting site through the majority of the process.

Day 1 – The electrician and plumber will arrive to disconnect make the site safe.

Day 2 & 3 – Wall (if required) & existing cabinetry removal.

Day 4 – Electrician and plumber will return (if required) to relocate any pipes or electrical cable.

Day 5 – Cabinetry installation which take about 1 and half days. In this time the stone mason will also have been to collect the templates for stone install.

The stone mason takes about 4 – 5 days to construct your bench tops.

Day 10 – Bench tops arrive and are installed. It time now to choose your splash backs – materials and colours. Now that the kitchen is installed you will be able to see how your bench top works with your doors and you can now choose colours and materials that complement your installed kitchen.

Day 11 – Electrician and plumbers arrive to reconnect your kitchen. Now your kitchen is functioning again.

Day 12 – Splash back measuring, install dates depend on selection, glass will take up to 10 days to construct and install & tiles will happen straight after electrician and plumber have finished.




Rodney will be following the project closely, and then at the end of the project Rodney will visit to sign kitchen renovation off. It doesn’t stop there as Rodney will be available down the track to take any calls to discuss any questions you may have.

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