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how much is my kitchen going to cost | Master Class Cabinets

How Much Is My Dream Kitchen Going to Cost?

This is the age-old question I am asked all the time. How is much my kitchen is going to cost me? Are you fantasising about your dream kitchen but curious about the price and also want a breakdown in price?

Throughout this article, I’ll go into more detail, but to answer the question quickly now, and, for an average-sized kitchen with engineered stone benchtops this is going to cost you around $20,000. This is based on standard finishes and our average as a company.

Our company’s pricing is right in the middle of the field as we are not the cheapest nor the most expensive: we take pride in our workmanship and product quality without charging an arm and leg.

When you’re getting quotes for your kitchen, please also beware of the hidden costs which are substrates, i.e plumbers, electrician, rangehood install, and splashbacks… as an average, I would allow $3,500 for these trades. I will go into pricing for sub-trades later in the blog. Also, you need to allow for Appliances as well which you can spend as little or as much as you want

We at Master Class Cabinets have completed kitchen renovations for as little as $6,000 and also over $50,000. Believe it or not, we can be competitive with a flat-pack retailer if you were to include their installers fee: it all comes down to what materials you choose.

The thing to be aware of, is when you visit a showroom, you’re generally seeing the premium finish on display, but most quotes from the retailer will be for “standard” finish, and this is how budgets get blown easily because of course, we all want the look of the premium style, but at the budget of the standard!

Ok let’s break down the pricing for you:


1. Is your kitchen small, medium or large?

The below kitchens AVERAGE prices are based on standard finishes and with 20mm stone.

Small Kitchen – Gallery Kitchen roughly 3.5m wide = $15,000

Medium Kitchen – L Shaped Kitchen with Island Bench 4m each way of L Shape = $20,000

Large Kitchen – U Shaped Kitchens with Island 5m Each part of U shape = $25,000

Need to know more about your Kitchen Layout?

2. Kitchen fronts (doors, drawers and panels) –

What style of kitchen are you having Hampton/ Shaker, 2 Pack Flat Panel, Premium prefinished board or standard finish board?

dream kitchen

These prices are relevant to a Medium-sized kitchen if you were upgrading to:

Premium prefinished board – + $1,100 to your $20,000 base

2 Pac Painted Flat Panel – + $2,000 to your $20,000 base

Hampton style – + $3,500 to your $20,000 base

3. Are your benchtops going to be stone, laminated or timber?

You might be surprised how inexpensive engineered stone is these days. On a small Kitchen, you can get away with spending $2,500 on an engineered benchtop. Most Engineered Stone kitchen benchtops for kitchens are around the $5,000 mark. Timber is going to be about a $1,000 more than stone depending on what timber you select. Laminate is the cheapest and will be around the $2,000 mark.

Now obviously there are price differences on the stone tops. But for a medium kitchen, this a little rule of thumb to stick by:

Engineered stone tops that have vein (marble look) in the top are going to be up the top of the price range and will turn your $5,000 top into a $7,500.

Engineered stone tops that have colours other than white (greys and dark tones) are generally in the middle and will be around $5,750.

The Base rate stone price generally covers colours that are white with speckles.

4. Project Management

Are you project managing the renovation yourself (electrical & Plumbing) or leaving it to your kitchen designer/cabinets maker?

The price of project management will depend on the company you are using. Now you will really get what you pay for here if you do not know what you are getting then ask. We on average charge about $1,000 per project.

Ok, so what you get for you $1,000?

  • You will receive a chart with a schedule of when and what trade is going to be on site.
  • Over the course of the project which is about 2 to 3 weeks (this depends on what products you choose), I attend site about 3 to 4 times over the project.(In saying that if you call me with and issue or concern I will be there asap.)
  • Probably the biggest plus of having your renovation project managed is you have 1 person to call and they will know how to communicate your point of view to the sub-trades.

Also, your designer/project manager probably uses 1 reliable and regular company for each trade so they are going to be good at their job, clean and most of all turn up on time. When trades do not turn up on time this always delays the project and causes unnecessary stress.

5. Sub trades

Pricing based on medium size kitchen.

Electrical and Plumbing – Generally these 2 trades come to $2,500 for both.  This covers new circuits for an oven, power points, water a & gas. If you need services moved like water and power this is normally covered under the $2,500.

Wall Removal – Unfortunately how long is a piece of string with this one. What I can tell you is that most of the wall removal jobs come to $2,000 & another $500 for making good to ceiling and walls.

Rangehood install – Around $400 which includes ducting from your rangehood to the flume on your roof. It is a necessity as this stops fat and grease build up in your roof space.

Splash Back – If you are going for Tiles the tiler will cost $500 + what you spend on the tiles themselves.

Appliances – as mentioned above, appliances are on top of these costs, but you might already have yours anyway. Before you design your kitchen, you need to know what appliances you’re using – click Appliances to read my blog about that.

In Summary, if you are looking for a medium-sized kitchen, here’s what the price would approximately look like –

Design, Cabinetry & Engineered Stone Install $20,000

Project Management $1,000

Electrical & Plumbing $2,500

Rangehood Install $400

Tiled Splash Backs $750

Approximate Total $25,000

So now you can understand what I do when I look at a kitchen and can give a quote on the spot. What seems like a number pulled out of thin air, is actually the result of mental calculations based on years of experience and knowing what really goes into the full project.

Obviously prices in here are approximate, when we come to see you we have our four-stage process of quoting. Check out our How We Work page

If you need an accurate quote, I am always happy to come out to your property to discuss the design layout and give you a price.


Rodney Mills is a founder of Master Class Cabinets along with Stuart Mills. Both of whom are passionate about designing and producing stunning cabinetry work.


  • Julie Crowe

    5 October 2020 7:01 am

    Thank you this was very informative .
    Do you have a show room on the Gold Coast ?

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