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how much is my kitchen going to cost | Master Class Cabinets

How Much Is My Dream Kitchen Going to Cost?

This is the age-old question I am asked all the time. How is much my kitchen is going to cost me? Are you fantasising about your dream kitchen but curious about the price and also want a breakdown in price? Throughout this article, I’ll go into more detail, but to answer the question quickly now, and, for an average-sized kitchen with engineered stone benchtops this is going to cost you around $20,000. This is based on standard finishes and our average...

WaterFall | Master Class Cabinets

Kitchen Layout – Points to remember if you’re renovating

Kitchen Layout If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen you could read through this blog, months and even years before you are ready to renovate in fact. Your kitchen layout is the first stage of planning your kitchen renovation. I will talk about points that don’t spring to mind straight away such as: Existing kitchen footprints Do you need an Engineer? Where your seen end panels should finish Dead Corners for panels Dead Corners for space I have been building...

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Kitchen and Integrating Appliances

Reading this blog will inform you of the pros and cons of buying different styles of appliances, also the kitchen and integrating appliance differences you should know about. The sales rep at the appliance store probably won’t talk about what I am writing about, as they have never installed a kitchen. They don’t know these small details which can really cause some tears down the track. I always recommend you consult your kitchen designer before buying your appliances, you can...

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